I help women regain their energy, overcome anxiety and improve mood with nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

Life is short and I believe that everyone deserves a happy, vibrant life. It is my mission is to help you feel more energised, happier and healthier so you get to live each day to the full. 

After a long period of constant, chronic stress I found myself burnout and exhausted, suffering with low mood and social anxiety. I used nutrition and lifestyle changes to restore my energy, improve my mood and feel like me again. Now I want to do the same for you. 

I understand the challenges you face when making diet and lifestyle changes so I am here to guide and support you every step of the way. I use a blend of nutritional therapy, NLP and Heart Math to create a personalised programme that works for you, giving you results that will last a lifetime.



I am dedicated to supporting your health and mental wellbeing whether you are struggling with exhaustion, anxiety, low mood, stress, burnout, exhaustion, cognitive decline or a lack of attention and focus. Some of my clients have diagnosed conditions such as chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, cardiovascular disease which impact on their energy and mental wellbeing.

Every individual is unique and has a unique combination of genetics, experiences and environment that all contribute to creating imbalances within our physiology that result in how you are feeling now and so I create a personalised, evidence based plan to help bring you back into balance and restore your health, energy and vitality. 

I use the principles of Functional Medicine and take a client-centred and whole body approach to addressing the root cause of your symptoms. I will examine your digestive health, immune health, hormone balance, detoxification ability and circulation for clues to what is causing the functional imbalance that maybe contributing to your symptoms. I also look at your genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors and devise an evidenced-based, personalised diet and lifestyle programme designed to restore energy and health.

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